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Q: Do Snappa play private events such as parties and weddings? 

A: Snappa is a wedding and party band, we play events where you and your guests of all ages are in need of a band that gets the party going, your guests will simply sing and dance the night away with Snappa! 


Q: I want to make an enquiry, what do I need to include in the initial enquiry? 

A: Ideally we need to know the DATE, LOCATION and TYPE OF EVENT. 


Q: How do I contact the band?

A: You can contact us via 

EMAIL or TEXT/CALL 0789014966


Q: How long do you take to reply to an enquiry. 

A: Anything between instantly and 24 hours. If you make an enquiry on a Friday or Saturday we may take a little longer to get back to as this is often when we're out playing events. 


Q: Do you play charity events? 

A: We're more than happy to play charity events! 


A: Do you offer a disco service? 

Q: We do. It's a great way to save on space, you don't have to deal with another supplier and we save you money. You can either leave it to us to select the songs appropriate to your event or you can send us a list of songs that you have compiled. 


Q: Does the disco come with extra disco lighting?

A: It does. We are very conscious of not overdoing the lighting that can annoy your guests who are chatting at their tables or trying to watch the band play, so no crazy lasers and strobe lighting.


Q: How much do you charge? 

A: The price varies and every enquiry is different so we don't have a single overall price. 


Q: Do you require a deposit? 

A: We do take a deposit for some events.


Q: How long do you play for? 

A: We offer different set lengths for different types of events.


Q: How far do you travel? 

A: We play events all over the UK. Our prices are very competitive however, we do have to add travel costs such as fuel to the price of hiring the band to perform. There may also be costs that include van hire, travel time and even overnight accommodation.


Q: When and where are you next playing a public gig?

A: You can find our gig listings on our website SNAPPA.CO.UK 

our Facebook page Facebook/snappaband or our lemonrock page




Q: Do you have PAT tested equipment? 

A: We do. If your venue requires a copy of our certificate, let us know and we'll send it to them along with our PLI before your event takes place. 


Q: Do you have Public Liability Insurance? 

A: Absolutely, every band should have PLI. Our public liability insurance is covered for thirty million pounds collectively. As with our PAT test certificate, we can send a copy of our PLI to your venue before your event takes place. 


Q: What do you wear for private events such as weddings.

A: For public gigs we tend to dress casual but for private events we wear black. 


Q: Do you offer the service of playing the first dance or learn one off songs for special events? 

A: Due to our workload we struggle to find time to learn songs for our regular set. We’re also perfectionist and aren’t comfortable playing songs if they don’t suit our style or important instrumentation that play a vital roll is missing such as piano, choir, eighty piece orchestra etc. 

We are aware that some bands do offer this service and even make money out of this service but we simply don't have the time.


Q: Do you provide your own PA? 

A: We do, we have a very high quality PA system ideal for events for 50 to 500 guests. Our aim is to have a clear, fat and full sound on the dance floor without being too loud. Your guests should be able to talk at their table and order a drink at the bar while the band is playing.


Q: Do you provide Lighting? 

A: We do. All events we play from pubs to stadiums have either lighting provided by the venue/promotor or by ourselves.


Q: How many are in the band? 

A: We are a three piece band (Mick-Vocals/bass, Joe-guitar/vocals and Matt-drums/vocals) We don't offer the option of additional musicians such as a brass section, keyboard player or backing singers, we make a very full and rich sound between the three of us and people are always amazed by the sound we make between just the three of us. 


Q: How much space do you need? 

A: We normally require a performance space of around either 5 meters by 2 meters or 4 meters by 3 meters approx. 


Q: What are your power requirements? 

A: We need a minimum of 2 standard power sockets. Electrics must be regularly tested by the venue, you'll be amazed at the amount of well established venues who want us to supply our PAT and PLI certificates but  then expect us to plug into electrics that are not stable or safe! 


Q: Our venue has a Noise level/db meter, will that be a problem.

A: We have played plenty of venues (some regularly) that have noise level meters installed. We play at sensible levels because we know that if a band or DJ are way too loud it can simply put people off staying in the same room as the entertainment. 


Q: How long does it take you to set up and pack down? 

A: We can be set up and sound-checked in 90 minutes. And around 60 minutes to pack down. The disco can be setup within 30 minutes from gaining access to the venue. 


Q: We or someone would like to get up and sing either with Snappa or with other musicians or with backing track, is that ok?

A: That's ok with us as long as we have prior notice before the day of the event (not on the day of the event, ideally at least a week before the event) We have to arrange and notify the insurance company that deals with our Public Liability Insurance, that we have someone who is not in our band is joining us to perform and/or is doing this in our dedicated performance area/stage. We sadly live in a world now where insurance companies and the where there's blame there's a claim culture has made it extremely difficult for us to just simply do our job.


Q: Do you require refreshments and somewhere to change. 

A: We're very low maintenance and do not expect to be fed, but our drummer is always grateful for the odd sausage roll or an invite to tag on the end of line for the buffet. 

We don't drink alcohol while working and we don't require flowers and a magnum of champagne in our dressing room, we don't even require a dressing room. However if we have to set up before the event starts, having somewhere to sit out of the way looks better than three musicians sat around in their performance space or stage in front of your guests.

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